Sari Anneli

  • Singing all his life. In 2018 the Song Classes started in the doctrine of the famous tango queen. Progress in several singing semifinals and finals. A dream to make your own music.
  • He has been acting and acting as a model that has also been wound mates always.
  • Blog written since 2016 at random. Writing is a passion and a hobby that lets the body lift things out from the inside. He also wrote dozens of "box-pointers". If you wish, you can read the blog here: The Horn of Truth
  • Written by 2013-2016: The Horn of Truth - the story of a Finnish woman. Published 2017 .. The Horn of Truth can be ordered as a book or e-book at: Adlibris - The Horn of Truth - Sari Turunen
  • Worked in 2000-2013 in commercial, metal and building engineering. The last job before the disability period in 2016 as a supervisor.
  • Datanomi degree 2005, Wedding and Party Planner Professional Qualification 2013 (incl. Expertise in Performance), Energy Therapist Degree 2015
  • Brain injury and neck injury in 2002 in a car accident. Sari Anneli has not allowed them to interfere with her life, but she has decided, after diagnosis, that she will realize her dreams that she did not dare to do when she was under school bullying and negative treatment. One of Sarin's motto is: "Only your mind limits you."
  • Served as a speaker and lecturer. Spirit and Knowledge Fair and seminar
  • Served as an assistant in advertising, TV shows and film. Dreaming of acting as an amateur actor. The latest achievements are: - The role of a female police in a short movie that will appear on DVD stores.
  • Birth 27.3.1983

Business idea (Blea)

Blea's original business idea / business idea was wedding and party design in 2013, when I came up with the name Blea.

Blea's name comes from: Blue Eyes Angel, a nickname chat in the late 90's, where she's a teenager.

Over the years, Blea has gained a new importance, depending on when I am in my life progressed. When you grow yourself internally and as a person, everyone around you also changes. This also makes the company change its shape.

When I started to rebuild my business and started to create a concept, I got the feeling that there should be more services than "something for everyone". But this way, after 3 months, I have noticed that a large number of services not relevant to any Empire, but because of who you are and what you represent.

I don't want to represent a mess and a mess, but you want to represent simplicity, simplicity, success, success, joy, positivity and motivation.

Blea has been created to help improve people's lives. And it happens now and in the future through one service. There are additional services, but as a rule I act as a single service representative. Motivational Speaker in. Own so much personal experience on the subject that it is enough to talk to the world's pin.

History of Company 

Founded for the first time in 2013, the wedding and party design company is a sideline company alongside housekeeping.

Since there was no time for the company due to the life situation, the company was abolished in 2015 from the company register.

After that, it has been a dream to start as a full-time entrepreneur.

Past events and events where Sari Anneli was heard:

April 15, 2017 Exhibition of Spirit and Tieto, Tampere

14.10.2018 Fair and Knowledge Fair, Helsinki

    Upcoming events and events where Sari Anneli can be heard:
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